The Issues

Posted by Palmer Davis on

We are using the tagline Faith, Family, Freedom to determine the priority by which we address various issues.


  • Jesus first: Orienting as Christians first, everything else second
  • Back to basics ministry: Sharing Christian concepts and principles 
  • Reasserting Christian values in American culture
  • Faith over Fear:


  • Fostering Biblical courtship and marriage
  • Man-to-man outreach: The harms of pornography; restoring masculine mindsets; invested fathers
  • Woman-to-woman outreach: Correcting the Feminist Deception; restoring the sanctity of motherhood; deprogramming on abortion, career and power dynamics between men and women
  • Fighting the Nanny State: Indoctrination as Education in schools; invasive CPS practices; reforming foster and adoption pathways


  • This comes last because we believe that strong personal character (Faith) and strong Families are required to properly orient toward Freedom.
  • Building self-reliance: Make more / shop less; homemaking revival.
  • Real life happens offline: Media has been a primary tool of enslavement and deception. We advocate for turning off the TV and putting down the phone.

What, no politics?

In the 80s and 90s, the Christian conservative demographic became a pawn on the political chessboard, used to leverage certain candidates who paid lip service to a family values agenda while accomplishing very little.

It is our belief that we can't expect the people who created our problems to fix them. We have to stop looking to "power players" to save us.

Instead we pledge to rebuild America as it was founded: in the homes of faithful families.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't be involved in our political system. It does mean that instead of focusing on electing top-level candidates, we should be more concerned about our own civic engagement.

While many of us spent 2020 protesting government overreach, it is our belief that only by using our system can we fix it. That should originate as Christians.