One Kingdom Under God has emerged from activism to reopen during the COVID shutdown. After fighting for most of 2020 to resolve our issues politically, it has become clear that one cannot solve a problem using more of the same problem.

Our political system is so corrupt as to be nonfuctional. And our problems really go way beyond politics.

False Division

We're being torn apart not about how to solve problems, but about whether those problems even exist. Climate change, police brutality, election integrity, the danger posed by a virus: depending on what footage you see, what network you watch, or what expert you prefer to listen to, you can easily start to live in a perceived reality that is totally different than your neighbor's.

How can we solve anything if we don't even agree on what's actually going on?

We can't. That's the point. Evil doesn't want us to. We're being pushed to hate each other so much (and the masks don't help) that we won't be able to even tolerate each other except in social media bubbles.

This division is growing. Even within the conservative community we disagree now about law enforcement, masking up, whether we should fix the public school system or abandon it, what a Christian position should be on gender and sexual orientation.

We can't let this continue. 

Elevating our Focus

Many of us can tell this is a battle of good versus evil, light versus dark. Why argue over the small things when the stakes are at their highest? Let us come together as Christians, re-reading the Gospels and hearing the Holy Spirit with renewed commitment to seeking the truth.

Not as Democrat or Republican (since both parties are corrupt). Not as white or black people. Not as men or women. 

As Christians.

Isn't that what God expects of us?